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[Инструкция ] Рип с GD дисков


Hardware Needed

Sega Dreamcast

PC Network Interface Card

Sgea Dreamcast Broadband Adapter

Lan Crossover Cable


BBA Hardware Settings

Turn DC power on,
Select the Option-provider in BROADBAND PASSPORT Menu


Click OK to Save setting.
Turn the DC power off.



Connect DC and PC with the DC Board Band Adapter.
Power on the DC,
Insert and load the dcload-ip 1.0.0 CD-R ,
and the TV should have a screen information like this

dcload-ip 1.0.0

Note: 00:d0:f1:02:b4:e2 is the MAC address ,
which will be different on other dreamcasts.


BBRip Settings

Start BBRip v1.1

In BBRip Menu, Select Edit(E) / Option(O),
Type in the IP address that your computer will use to connect DC

Click "Add to ARP entry" Box on

Type in the MAC address "the 2nd line" which show on the TV Screen.
Note: Format of MAC address is 00-d0-f1-02-b4-e2

Now Click the Download Tab, Select a directory which you want
BBRip save Trackxxx.ISO & Trackxxx.RAW into HD while Ripping.
Click "Do not ignore dummy sectors" Box on
Click "Save log automatically" Box on
then Click OK



In BBRip Menu, Select Tool (T) / Connect (C)
wait a fews sec until it connected.
Note: BBrip may not always connect on the 1st try. In my case it took me 10 attempts.

Leave DC power on, Insert GD-Rom Disc into DC which you want to Back up,

In BBRip Menu, Select Tool (T) / Track List

Now the GD-Rom Disc Track List will appear in the BBRip main window
Select the necessary track which you want to download .
Example: Track03

Note: * Don't try to select track 1 & 2, it will cause BBRip to lock *

After you Selected the necessary track, goto BBRip Menu, Select Tool (T) / Download (D)
and the Download window will appear


File Types

Data Track will save as Trackxxx.ISO
Audio Track will save as Trackxxx.RAW


Extract ISO Image

data track named "trackxx.iso"

extract track03.iso

Note: Some GDRom Disc have two data ISO tracks.

In this case use this command.

extract.exe Track03.iso [Last Trackxx.iso] [LBA of Last ISO Track]

extract track03.iso track05.iso 248128

last argument is LBA of Last ISO Track, see Track List in BBRip Main Window.


Convert RAW Audio Track

sound track named "trackxx.raw"
sound track include about 2 second (150 sector) silence at end of file.

raw2wav track04.raw


raw2wav *.raw

this command converts the raw files to wave files and cuts the silence


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