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Makaron EX 4.0 NewGen

Новая усовершенствованная графическа облочка эмулятора Makaron T12.7 от paul_met и EdHell.


- Fully rewrited new GUI
- Added support of PVR2 settings (Sorting, Shadows, etc.)
- Added support of hidden settings:
  - SH4 Mode (Interpreter/Dynarec)
  - SH4 Frequency (speedhack)
  - DSP (enable/disable)
  - Debugger (enable/disable)
-  Added ability to save current settings in game profile for Naomi and Dreamcast (GDI only)
-  Added ability for automatic setup time (experimental, look in Tools menu)
-  Added ability for Naomi screen rotation (experimental)
-  Improved shader support (with 2D games compatible now)
-  Added support FXAA shader
-  Realised automatic close emulator after F8 pressing

Скачать: http://dl.emu-land.net/files/dc/MakaronEXv4.0_setup.exe

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