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240p test suite



240p test suite - программа для настройки вывода видео сигнала 240p, выведенного на монитор через устройства масштабирования сигнала или напрямую.

Текущая версия для Sega Dreamcast здесь:
http://code.google.com/p/240p-test-suite/downloads/list (Dreamcast PowerVR version 1.12)

240р это ж мало. А есть 480р?


--- Цитировать ---240р это ж мало. А есть 480р?
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Там можно работать с несколькими режимами:

--- Цитировать ---    240p: Standard 320x240 at 60hz is used, with all graphic data in that resolution.
    Fake 480i: This is 640x480i at 60hz, but using all the resources at 320x240 using internal line doubling. Useful for testing for this case which is present in many Dreamcast and PS2 games. Also known as "Fake hi-res"
    240p in 480i: It is 640x480i at 60hz as well, however graphics are unscaled and shown only on the upper left corner of the screen (the first 320x240 pixels). Since there is a 1 to 1 pixel ration as in 240p, tests can be performed for 480i de-interlacers and scalers.
    480i Again 640x480i at 60Hz, however there are several patterns that are full screen and full 480i (480p when via VGA) in resolution.
    480p with scanlines: Only available when using a VGA Box. This is internally line-doubled and displayed. In the case of previous resolutions, they are also internally line doubled to 480p, but respecting each mode variations.
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Dreamcast PowerVR version 1.13

--- Цитировать ---Version 1.13: Eliminates unnecessary modes when using VGA, and renames them to better reflect the current setup. While on VGA mode it defaults to full screen 480p, and has two other modes: linedoubled by software with scanlines and linedoubled by the dreamcast PVR. While on full 480p mode grid and some tests have full 480p resolution.
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Скачать: http://code.google.com/p/240p-test-suite/downloads/detail?name=240p-DC-PVR-1.13.zip&can=2&q=


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