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ScummVM 1.4.1


Вышел новый релиз SCUMVM, направленный на исправлений ошибок и багов.
Список изменений:
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--- Код: ---1.4.1 (2012-01-27)
   - Fixed loading videos directly from InstallShield cabinets in the Windows
     version of the The Feeble Files.

   - Added support for Enhanced Music by James Woodcock

 Broken Sword 2:
   - Slight graphics improvement for PSX version.

   - Fixed bug in the original Lands of Lore GUI which made ScummVM error out
     in the case the user did not have a contiguous save slot usage.
   - Add support for original DOS Lands of Lore save files (also applies to save
     files made with the GOG release).

   - Fixed race condition in SCI1.1 palette changes. This fixes an error in
     QFG1VGA, when sleeping at Erana's place.
   - The option to toggle sound effect types between digitized and synthesized
     has been disabled until a more user-friendly GUI option is possible.
     Digital sound effects are always preferred for now.
   - Fixed a case where starting a new song didn't fully reset its channels,
     thus some notes sounded wrong.
--- Конец кода ---

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